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Lenny and Larnelle Brezee started singing together in 2009 with one of Kaua’i’s hottest bands Pono Breez. The band performs at famous local attractions like Duke’s Canoe Club, Rob’s Goodtimes Bar & Grill, and at many other events held at resorts and different venues island wide.

 Lenny and Larnelle also entertain at award winning luaus on Kaua’i. As a hula dancer, Larnelle had a desire to reach those who didn’t want to go out to a big show to watch hula. She provides private performances for travelers who want to just stay at home in their rental homes.

 Lenny has a passion for Hawaiian music. He loves the feeling of playing that special song for a couple to be wed on Hawai’i’s most beautiful beaches. This love for Hawaiian music and dance inspired Lenny and Larnelle to join with their talented friends to form a partnership to fulfill all of your entertainment needs on the island. 

The Hawaiian word, “Makani” means wind or breeze, and that is the couples' last name: Brezee; pronounced "breezy". With hearts full of aloha, Lenny and Larnelle deliver their gift of music with a positive attitude and hope you feel pi’ikoi (satisfied) when using their services. 

From Makani: We hope you find all of your entertainment needs through us! 

"E hana I kou Manawa hau'oli ma Kaua'i."

Create your happy moment on the island of Kaua’i!

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